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Felting and Fiber Art

Felt making was once relegated only to the areas of heavy industry and children’s craft. Now it plays important role in all kind of designs. From decorative art and jewelry to clothing and furniture, the material accommodates wide range of aesthetic styles and purposes.

Felting as a creative discipline is happening now, before our eyes. More traditional mediums like painting, ceramics or woodworking have benefited from centuries of refinement by skilled crafters and artists. Now, felt artists are innovating like never before. They are developing new techniques in their studios and workshops around the world and creating remarkably eclectic work.

Felt is capable of holding large amounts of fluid without feeling wet, it is sound-absorbing and bio-degradable. In western Europe and Americas, thanks to its properties, felt has been known as gray part of the industrial landscape for a long time. Across central Asia and eastern Europe felt is believed to be the earliest man-made material. It has been used for thousands of years. People it to make saddled, boots, body armor, tents, carpets, bags and clothing. It wasn’t until 1970’s that artists outside of the traditional felt-making societies began using felt as a creative medium. Today it is front and center in the world of design and architecture.

Artists and crafters are stretching the boundaries of the felting discipline by taking advantage of wool’s natural tendency to shrink and entangle. Many artists actually felt through a variety of fabrics including silk, lace and velvet to create a wide variety of surface textures. Designers also take a sculptural approach to felting. By molding the felt they create thin and flexible or dense and hard three-dimensional forms.

Felt creations from around the world range from playful to elegant to practical, representing full diversity of what felt is now!

I am truly in love with this wonderful and diverse medium! Enjoy my works!

Agnes Golen​

"Rust and Decay" collection , Size of each piece: 18"x 25"

"Frida" collection , Size of each piece: 12"x12", 11"x13", 12"x12"

"Birds" collection , Size of each piece: 8" x 8" 

Framed in shadowboxes 13"x13"

Landcapes , Size of each piece: 12"x 17"

Mixed collection , Size of each piece: 8,5" x 11"

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